the things of the visible world are undergoing considerable modification. it finds itself compelled to glance further into the lava field. in nature of matter and force which lie in the region far beyond the ken of its instruments. ether is now comfortably settled. mesmerism is no longer a cast off. rays have reranged the older matter of ideas. new age macarve. coming up against the sound barrier of ether and astral. like a coating of moss growing over the open eyes. like a shower of deep setae. chewy chrome. mouth the extremest place. slip over the boundary. a hellbox is a receptacle where cast metal sorts are thrown after printing. it is the job of the printer’s devil to sort them. the basis for a sound psychology. beginning to show themselves on the outer edge. leading the charge of science. that chrome oil is low in the cylinder freeze or boil away to nowt but burn umbro safe sage green. animate and inanimate matter are split but not in two. magnets are found to be possessed of powers transferring certain forms of disease in a way not satisfactorily explained. cud moss. i’m about to plunge. it’s not inevitable. plates of figures in toto. extremis ambition orange rib and scorp tail. cornea juice turns to dew. vibration telepathic grey jewels rounded by time smooth muscles. a dewy decibel sounds in the forest that is nothing but the underside of the forehead which is the colour of chroma every colour made as nightshade combined chroma ripple. grey diamonds to grab and curl under in a selfing reach around to pull the head up and back stretch the kneck. AC playing a harp strung not by cat gut but by live wires. flashing green and silver and blue. blue flame the hottest and a ball of fire in this very space of your mind. chrome computer completely melted to the desk alex mac style. hooked extensions like the quake of a quaver dissolving on night tongue. astro-mental. the modus operandi of the building of forms by vibrations. a Chladni’s sound plate. subtle forms. each definite thought produces a double effect a radiating vibration and a floating form. as with everything in nature these radiating vibrations become more powerful in proportion to the distance from their source. everything is possible on the wooden table with names carved in cuneiform pulp. your body is now under the care of covering restoratives. after the death AC experienced a period of trail. extreme late moss. nights without sleep. in a palm full of trial mix is toenails cut into the shape of arrows like off the toes of a buddha’s footprints in the sand. signs from the pre-pork period when their footsteps led toward the greater good. the Realgar of future cannibalism accepting curdled ichor as our in the place of blood sucked through marrow straws like sweet tea through penguin biscuits. gravy and custard run in my veins both powdered. gun powder get the real fucking gear then i’ll be ready. survival tactics tricks and muteations. never shut your mouth because night babies never die. cool on the tiles watching the cops look in the same skip twelve fucking times. powder of the mined rub it into your eyebrows like sugar into the walls coagling with dark blue oil paint. Mineral and artificial in oragin its chemical namen is arsenic fulside. this is id as I brush my teeth and spit my charcoal spit into victorian pipes. supercritical fluid solvent bought on Impulse! spray hits the face in tiny droplets of high refactory smellowision. my mixtapes of tru bellyief and relief. the frozen solid form of CO2 known as dry ice is used as a refrigerant and as an abrasive to dry ice blasting on the stereo. do you mind if I play the stereo TEOTWAWKI. the ends of time are so germanium for using a high SCF SPF. diamond anvil. the crystal structure of dry ice. including beer and sparkling wine to add effervescence. prosecco smashes on the side of the arc. his interpretation was that the rest of the charcoal had been transmuted into an invisible substance he termed a gas or a wild spirit spiritus sylvestris. silvering lake. moonbathing. hay fever gets worse at night. metal forks in our mouths. take hydra as our family name. guzzle down the jus orange and go down into the atmosphere. where the air is fixed. follow the scent of the track made by footsteps conducive to well being that lead to the bud of the plant and the bud of the nipple at the door of kobalt. an underground goblin. believed to be detrimental to the heat resistance silver ores. carbon dioxide is colorless. from the late 16th century onward chromaticism has come to symbolize intense emotional expression in music. the chromatic symbolizing darkness doubt and grief and the diatonic light, affirmation and joy. this imagery has barely changed for six million nights. chrome finally eroded the major system and with it the whole system of tonality. examples of descending chromatic melodic lines that would seem to convey highly charged feeling can be found in: the weird stinking pits and tongues of the anti-corporate bashful killers of wrong dreams. fuck the rich and give to the working flavoured latters. one likely source takes its stems from the the worn and broken lead type of the hellbox which the printer’s devil must take to the furnace for melting and recasting. slow chromatic drift and its modulations as elusive as the soft drift into sleep itself when the sharp edges of consciousness begin to blur and fade and bufuzzle the third and fourth eyes as they give in to the atmosphere of the night. put on your shades to feel it sucking on your blue agae and seeing yourself grow wider and wider fill with plastic like the ocean but you will survive won’t you my feathered fren. chromaticism is often associated with dissonance. the Weird is unformed in dissonance and montage. the patron demon of scribes. chromatic daring is what distinguishes truly serious composition of the vanguard from mere cliche-ridden hack work. her jazz is like being at the top of the alps in a place not nice or day just cool breeze and soaring eyes. knocking down the door of being unconscious with how much you want to give and hunt and breathe and fight the password will never change it is astralplain babe. if you ear plain food then colour it with food colouring. stuff the F A C E with red and blue sugar like CA. we could wait one hundred years and this nightbox would be creamy. a planetary system of song. different harps use strings of catgut, nylon, metal, or some other flavoured combination. her harp used live wires as strings that struck the harp neck and resonator and blew up a fireball and melted the chrome computer book welding it to the table this very spot. with a buddy pantomime (act out) each of these three concepts: commensalism, mutualism, parasitism. orange is also used for safety purposes as a warning color. orange can be found on dangerous machinery, high visibility clothing, and traffic cones. warning stripes. slow down stripes. curling and looping forever like the hair thrown down on the floor when we split our sleep to fuck and play cards. inside the bag of pre-mixed trail mix i find a chrome tongue stud still wet with saliva and the free gift of a lazer pen. speaking at extreme temperatures work. this occult-related article is a stub. titivillus is a demon who works on behalf of Satan to introduce errores into the work of scribes. titivillus has also been described as the collecting idle chat that occurs during saturdays in shopping centres, cruises and all-inclusive white-washed complexes and mispronounced, mumbled or skipped words of the survace, to take to Hell to be counted. titivillus provides a very easy excuse for the errors that are bound to creep in as things are copied. in my Neo-Calvins the music was an iodine soothing my mind and my feelings, alloying my pain. but they pretended to be originals. night time mining. and peeling to the core. travel dark. got the antifreeze protein shakes don’t worry to the Earth’s Core. in a single night the volcano destroyed over 200 homes but created over 544 acres of new land. in the High Middle criminals were dropped on the smallest Island in the world with a days worth of bread and left to fend off the cold. descent into dark that you know you will resurface. in the High Middle a split sleep was popular for survival. from but then there was that one day when the sun didn’t come up. witch hazel blooms red and yellow omitting a delicate and friendly scent of care in early winter. rub the balm of night onto me so that i feel like the thick blanket of green moss that grows over the metres thick field of black volcanic rock. a trampoline of a waking dream that puts us in the same dark that space lives us meaning our connection to the universe comes through the vibrating telepathic rouge fat balls of the other life. the bark and leaves of the witch hazel are often distilled in alcohol and water to create an all purpose remedy for bruises and swellings. grows in snow. many symbols are mere survivals. things which do not tell of their utility other than by continuing to exist. go to the shady area under the palm. the coldest temperate ever recorded on Earth is -128.5°F in the early 80s at an old soviet union outpost in the Middle of Antarctica. the hottest place on Earth is Death Valley in Chromiformia. your mouth is turning pitch or maybe the darkest green my eyes can see which is a lot because it’s what we’ve known in the passed memories of our DNA for all our other lives. if we’re recycled a sylph sucks the light from the room. and it is welcome. supernatural spirit of the air. mainly dark green and dark humming beating bird with a forked tale. alloy to the salamander that swells in ice and fire. fowling the air into shade existing as male and female with no purpose other than the renunciation of Dualism by the erasure of the shriveled grape on the withering vein. an immaterial but visible being that inhabited the air when the air was an element before it was lusciously polluted by factory smoke and vape dew and sewer miasma and similar products of civilization. none of the chicks ever having been seen must have nested deep in the rhythm tree. turn on the AC fling open the window to sweep across and off your skin the deepest blue black of claustrophobia and let the crisp night draw inside the flung window and into your smooth muscle and tarsal muscle as you cling fingernails digging into grass and earth or your grand maw’s office chair. during the night is when cactie absorb CO2 converting it into sugars using daytime sunny D. during the day proper they do not exchange gases so that the water isn’t lost in the scorch. orbotech vegetative only grows at night just like the unfurling Maindenhair Fern and the young shoots of which are eaten as fiddleheads. tightly wound and tasty like fruity gum tape. buta shape symbolizes fire and is most commonly seen on woven carpets and rugs. thick oil paint worked in an equal plane thicketing rubbing mat-covering. could also be an adaptation of the ancient Chinese yin-yang seen in medicine and philosophy. it’s a cool trick called cavitation but it’s not their only superpower. red powder or cream used for colouring. jeweller’s rouge is a finely ground ferricoxide used as a polish for metal and optical glass. the external folds of ear cartilage are called the pinna. stormal zades or frets. DNA rings. process occurs only when light is available so the plants do not carry out the Calvin cycle during nighttime. thick and close texture. a thicket we’ll name our offsprings briar. into the fryer she goes loosing nutrients but gaining ochre bubbles to live within. zero grease is present in the bodies of the bacteria that eat plastic as our camo. mat-covering like alpine flowers close geometrics like night optics. ocular lunula under the influence of the moon. menstrual climate change yeah all our periods are all getting worse. the internal mirrors of the spookfish a chrome fish with a translucent head containing two orange globes. search lights cut through the mud. green and paler green tunneling in the night of your life beams. approaching the villa in the dark we roll up infrared courting. with less vision the other senses become roaming and pitch themselves just a little bit closer to the edge. hide of nightshade molecules. makes you feel like a naughty babe. grin for all the world to unsee. makes you feel like you’ve got clandestine tears in your eyes. makes you feel like you’ve got a direction colour drowned out then regurgitated as a tunnel in the pitch. makes you feel like you’re shedding hair from your core. makes you feel like you live inside the Earth’s molten core with the fucking aliens mate even though i take them deadly for real. silver foil to catch the sun i don’t fucking need it mate. to facilitate signaling and mating their eyes have evolved filters that can distinguish between. beyond being among the most skillful predators on the planet, sharks possess the best biological conductor of electricity yet discovered. fills a network of pores all around the shark’s face. weed gummy bear filled with a centre of lorenzini jelly. mantis shrimp are famous for striking prey so hard that the water around them gets as hot as the sun. deep-sea denizen has three flashlights under its eyes: one red, one orange, one blue it uses its red light as a sniper scope to see unsuspecting prey or to carry out private conversation during courtship. dwellers can see blue light. the high beams are blinding. roadkill. the orange light purpose is still to the very day of us a mystery. chrome orange morgue slabs for unreal bodies. organs lit by metalish camera flashes. venom glands and claspers is my local my refuge my fog. saucy pedantic shins. dungeness is one of the largest expanses of shingle condition in Europe. dangerous nose. standing stones and dolmens. fingers begin to quake. armadillos are New Age placement mammals with a leathery armour shell. which is part of the superorder Xenarthra. the armadillo means little amoured one in Spanish. the Portuguese word for armadillo is tatu. porcupine. the nightshade family have unpredictable effects. prophet came to a realization of the supreme being in charge of the universe at night. saxons called the darkness of night the death mist. from astronomical dusk to astronomical dawn when the sun is not what illuminates the sky. disappearance of sunlight, the primary energy source for life, has dramatic impacts on the morphology, physiology and behavior of almost every organism on Earth. some art immune but storm clouds follow them. the herb was used in eye-drops to dilate the pupils of the eyes to make them appear more seductive. crassulacean acid metablosim is a unique carb fixaction that allows storage of carbon dioxide in tissues as organic acids during the nights. precious water is the night flow of the floaters on the surface orbing eyes. even without the artificial light that allowed the night time economy to thrive since the Industrial Era moonlight and other forms of light allow travel, work and survival outdoors at night. extreme cold in the desert. others call night time the life mist. two heavy chains which constitute the head and tail domains. multiunit smooth muscle is found in the walls of hollow organs like the stomach and passageways like the veins of the circulatory system and the tracts of the respiratory system. smooth muscle is present in the eyes where it functions to change the size of the iris. smooth muscle is present in the skin it causes hair to stand erect in response to cold temperatures or fear. at the sight of the eyes of the panther the sac of blood runs cold and into chrome. blast furnace belladonna. the wave particles of dry eye floating in the dark navy sky and over the sea and picked up the wind in the breastplate are we living. chrome berries you can see your reflection in. deadly nightshade poisoning can cause dilated pupils sensitivity to light blurred vision rashes hallucination delirium and convulsions. poison tipped arrows. surgery anesthetic. medicine cosmetic grade poison unable to be turned aside. shopping for survival instinct i come across the dead of night and everything is forgotten. my extremities hue red then white then charcoal black and then are lost meaning the senses of my remaining flesh are heightened and hairs prick. bell-shaped flowers are dull purple with green tinges and a faint scent. fruits are berries which are green ripening to a shiny black. a landfill of raisuns and buries. deadly nightshade has a long and colourful history. the gulch of terror is a 1990s graffiti-covered cliff wall. looks like an early transition from a hieroglyphic to an alphabetic system but it hasn't yet been deciphered. written language consisted of making specific marks the accumulative system of cuneiform in wet clay with a reed implement. writing in China developed from divination rites using oracle bones. the ancient Chinese practice of divination involved etching marks on bones or shells which were then heated until they cracked. the cracks would then be interpreted by a Diviner. Cro-Magnon Man will placid lake you. presence within the body of palpable and microscopic excesses leaking from signs and objects to form a small but incredible depth-charged pool which runs from the throat through the crotch down the leg and into the centre of the Earth merging with the huge molten magma mantle that we often forgot about. ectropion beams. condition of advanced age in which the eyelid is turned outward from the eyeball but will it help me to see. i’m pretty obsessed with trying to detox that thing that comes into the body. detox leading to feeling light and lean. away from the weird numbing gel rubbed on the underside of the skin of your extremities. ectoplasmic hunch. the orange sky of night pollution and a handful of silly putty. inside the body of the first person to live for over two hundred years there was found a new colour. did their body evolve or did all our eyes evolve at the same moment. head to the morphing state at sun down. like clouds coming over a storm over the face as it changes. and i’m writing to you at the night dawn. industrial cream for protection. at night all words turn to the form of lattes dripping through fingers. creme brûlée with wax tops. my home is filled with smoke. i write alone. the residue of cocaine, ketamine and ecstasy drips down the walls. my home is asthma and sertaline. windows brushed with the eucalyptus that survives all winter. backlit joy fresh squirt and the whiff of the apocalyptic in a spray bottle. cream colour gum and the trance of silly string and myelin sheath. poisonous shades of colours. peeling off all your belonging like clothes as you walk into the sea. a woman walks past crying. the shade of the night is vivid and sharp and teases my thinnest tendons out through my pores. the new organ the membrane of the stomach looks when held up exactly like a flat cap mushroom but it is yellow and pink with red ivy spines. the verbal arts. the sickness. goblin fruit. sticky floaters such as small dark dots, squiggly lines, rings or cobwebs, or flashes of light. floaters are usually harmless. upward to feel them and flicker in shaded acid reflux. aphid fantasy and fruit at my feet. red and blue lights flashing on the eucalyptus. new moon party hard cannibal. skin reacts to nighttime the largest organ of the body. shopping list: is molecular, beats, pulses, toxic light. working on an empty stomach but with full eyes. eyes filling up with blue liquid. inside the body it is dark. red pen. smoked words. click click click of throat noises. we will all have a time of death. night is not a foreshadowing of this peppered memoried existence. what each primary colour feels like on the skin. yellow is liquid, blue is an ink pad, red is muscles moving under the skin. i cackle thingking of all the people lying in their beds whilst i’m nesting in my brain like the spider that laid its eggs in the hair. a deaf date. i’m going to plunge. the substance of thought pours from the back of my knees and from under my crown. a high risk pamphlet. dewy decibels. part of our psyche responds directly and immediately to the instincts. prog as in progressive. purple and black grapes hang as worlds on keychains fat balls in my puffa i put my night vision on and wait at the end of my street. thumb prints wizening and pickling in lucazade. new age pickling. where is my id the it of presence. then you can’t come in because you could be any age. gorp is uncountable. scroggin on my loose mixture like you wanted me calling me frequently salted designed as an energy supplement designed for use by extremists and survivalists. cites a 1913 reference to the verb gorp meaning to eat greedily. the occasionally theorised good old raisins and peanuts is probably a backronym. this English word is a hot word. it meaning provisional. athleisure. my fat balls rub the lining of my puffa jackey there is a blue algae and ivy stuffed in there not the feathers of icarus dontcha. the ultimate insistent and dissonance look of past itch. shift born. snow-shoeing to your neighbour charlie in sub-zero temperatures to get a cup of sugar. my head floats from my body and i’m in a tree at night and droplets of chrome rise instead of sweat on the back of my neck. to be beached in the dark. glass wings. my diaphragm glows the same chrome orange as athel resistance band headgar. the Neo-Calvinists were usually supralapsarian. the supercritical fluid in your muskin pouch will get you through the night if you tap straight in and let it pour from the trees you never see. those aren’t crickets. orange moon. kuyper wanted to awaken the church from what he viewed as its pietistic slumber. our mental world is not to be sealed off. orange also had and continues to have a political dimension. it leaked from my eyes as if it didn’t belong. stinking night bodies emitting at once colorless and full spectrum miasma that lingers but not long in the morn. the fictive ghost or hologram or witness. things put together by whose hands or lips of forehead screen. a flavour enhancer powder to be taken. nightingales sing so high their eyelids peel back so that their heads become one giant glossy black oculum. felt elated and clear and no longer terrified of the moving air around me. coldest breath. fuel of shapes and light and tubular movement. the chemical was not actually orange, but took its name from the colour of the steel drums in which it was stored. agent Orange was toxic, and was later linked to birth defects and other health problems. herbicide to remove the forest and jungle cover. chromium was discovered as an element after it came to the attention of the western world in the the red crystalline mineral crocoite or lead chromate which lead to the invention of the synthetic pigment chrome orange. crog also referred to the saffron colour. in ancient egypt artists used an orange mineral pigment called realgar for tomb paintings. azo is non-toxic and retains the same degree of dark-fastness with good hiding power and either cheap or expensive to manufacture. it is also chemically not stable and very poisonous. brilliant blue green. super natural. this made damp rooms traps. to present this capitalist material detritus through the lens of ritual is a means to expose the cult like operation of these capitalist monoliths; to considerer how the “greater outdoors” as a philosophical proposition is actually concealed within the inner world of the anthropocentric. toenails tattooed with the Northface logos. the same degree of fascination now bestowed upon. their language is made up of words that are killing you. the name of the movement was made motionless by those too clear blue skinned to ingest vitamin d. in Hinduism, the color orange represents fire, a metaphor for the inner transformation that is experienced by swamis donning orange robes. realgar is a highly toxic arsenic sulfide and was the only pure orange pigment until modern chrome orange. the hiding power is excellent. the world production of chrome orange ceased few years ago. now it is an obsolete pigment. is derived from the Greek word chrōma (χρωμα), meaning color, because many of its compounds are intensely colored. black and white psychedelics. cross stitch. skin, or hide tick. breastplate, headgear, you know this means bereavin more. protect your heart. chrome cans. solum fac id. camo bodily edition. precious stone with a blade encased hold it close to your thigh. carving mushrooms for hours and sage for smudging. the breath of sex. binding and winding. ritualistic using sports and gorpcore aesthetic. black poles shiny, green line, pale wood. this culminated in her first spiritual cassette. AC would perform formal and informal devotional Vedic ceremonies at the ashram, performed solo chants, known as bhajans, and group chants, or kirtans. she developed original melodies from the traditional chants, and started to experiment by including synthesizers and sophisticated song structures. voiced affricates or off-glides are attested and the harp dates back at least as early as 3500 BCE. Verhoeff's stain and tissue elements. counterstain contrasts with the principal stain. elastic fibers and cell nuclei are stained black, collagen fibres stained red, and other tissue elements including cytoplasm are stained yellow, the ectoplasm and the epiglottis are stained green, though this sound-type is rather rare. sound of the horn or the pistol. elastic cartilage or yellow cartilage is part of the outer ear and epiglottis. many yellow elastic fibres lying in a solid matrix. these fibres form bundles that appear dark under a microscope. these fibers give elastic cartilage great flexibility so that it is able to withstand repeated bending. It is found in the epiglottis (part of the larynx), the pinna (the external ear flaps of mammals). Elastin fibers stain dark purple or black with Verhoeff’s stain. VEG out. at night its leaves trap carbon dioxide, which is converted into malic acid (the souring principle of apples), and, in the day, the malic acid is converted into glucose. When harvested in the early morning, the leaves have ten times the malic acid content. can that which is tasteless be eaten without salt or is there any taste in the slime of the purslane? can that which is unsavoury be eaten without salt? Or is there any taste in the white of an egg? the harp is large and curves to fit the human body. evil natural history. a common plant in parts of India purslane is known as kulfa in Hindi. The glottis is defined as the opening between the vocal folds. it is a flexible flap that stops food or drink flowing into the lungs. this flap is essential for survival. the epiglottis is shaped somewhat like a leaf of purslane. in antiquity, its healing properties were thought so reliable that it was advised to wear the plant as an amulet to expel all evil. the species status in the new world is uncertain. run as free as the wind baby as free as the ocean. purslane has a tap root and is able to tolerate drought. how this particular form of madness reached the new world is currently known. put your hand in my pocket and feel the night. it saves us as salve at every swallow and every intake by covering the aditus. hazard tape at the top of the quaver. night slice. the night swamp gloaming and full of fruit and chrome reflective parts enacts as our swimming pool for the period of a fortnight. you can hear the bottom of the pendulous quaver. bodies with no camo on clutching warm and cold skin to skin in the dark. fire or hair or smoke grows. it repeats it is certain. cosmic cascading harps. quiet breathing around you and so your body placid lakes and colours become vivid. a prosaic chance to be outside. chrome sweat pools in the belly button. come to me with this food inside you let me make translucent your stomach a too far curiosity to see your fuel. night shade of red and blue. everything equal on the same floating plane. thick texture of signed oils akin to moss mating of the lava fields. the murk of opening your eyes in the dark. up and down are the same. a median line in the room is the centre of gravity, your hair gets slightly static. a sudden shadow overheard. animals that have one nerve that gives them the axis in relation to the magnetic crust of the earth. free moving and waving letters like a piece of string so kinetically filtered. moon lock and grade being orbs. the curve of the bottom of the quaver, known as beam notes. quaver is croma in Italian. a palette cleanser. wantological. low digger. for visioning look straight ahead. checking out feelings bottom left. grin noise and light bounces off teeth. the line of night and day on the planet we are on you see it on the moon too at its turning you are stood on its line but down here. mushrooms and moss only grow at night so do night lilies. fingernails grow at night. no sleep is against health, restoration, cackle uneeded, uninterested in longevity beyond the night. night babies never die. night babies with no one to bother. eight hours of darkness. at night vision is paradoxically cleared. high-tech babies say what you want but we’re breaking the egg of that inner life and passing the white of it mouth to mouth purslane blocking. orange and grey coat of pollution in the back of the throat. night feel individual. what camerado they use heat sensing. war is supposedly quiet at night. time-lapse healing bodies. organs in night shade. close the blinds even though it’s dark out and put the tin foil up to mask radio waves which will take us back in thot time. chroma the only desert in the UK. restorative and danger conflate. the family crest of the targeted individual. industrial kitchen. spon of Thoth. we’ve got to get to chrome villa i want to breathe out and for mercury to choke me while i look at the lack of stars. dark orange ink on cream paper mi nova and jus d’orange. the perversion of drinking blue top whole milk on the street. milk and carrots at night its sick. strong bones to make instruments from. the labour and intensity of the jazz solo mirrored in your thick oils. scraping and carving in everything you see don’t let your eyes wander like flies like blue bottles away from this old world beauty but hurting and caring and hailing fresh. briar patch close knitted brush strokes. things get dewy at night. silver keys to the come home. up the opacity. in the medieval times they had split sleep wake at midnight to fuck and play cards and snack. changing as an act of ace. polyphasic sleep. segments of sleep. studied the systematic timing of short naps as a means of ensuring optimal performance in situations where extreme sleep deprivation is inevitable, but does not advocate ultrashort napping as a lifestyle. divided sleep. it is not perverse to nocturnal non-sleep. in crises and other extreme conditions, people may not be able to achieve the recommended eight hours of sleep per day. systematic napping is recommended in such situations and glazing ones eyes with shadow. from medical texts, to court records and diaries, and in African and South American tribes, with a common reference to first and second sleep. closed eye hallucination and during preindustrial Europe bi-modal sleeping was considered the norm. sleep onset was determined not by a set bedtime, but by whether there were things to do. during this waking period, people would relax, ponder their dreams. some would engage in activities like sewing, chopping wood, or reading, relying on the light of the moon or oil lamps. blue sky sprites and corneal liquid. often appear as cells floating across the eye. full-closing and reopening the eyelids creates a very definite wiper-ridge in the corneal liquid that is readily visible. fully closing and reopening the eyelids also stirs up the corneal liquid which settles down after a brief moment. closed eye visualization does not seem to be related to the sprites (blue field entoptic phenomenon) that can be seen as dots darting around when staring up into a bright blue sky on a sunny day (not looking at the sun). dots superimposed over a flat blue background are white blood cells moving through the blood vessels of the retina. the motion of waking-consciousness CEV noise is uniformly random compared to the waking-consciousness dark-blue-sky sprite motion. these types of hallucinations generally only occur when one’s eyes are closed or when one is in a darkened room. they can be a form of phosphene. they most often occur on Greek islands or resorts visual release hallucinations. dark retreat wylie mun mtshams. commonly known as the lights. the prisoner’s cinema. this practice is considered conducive for navigating the bardo at the time of death and for realising the rainbow body. points spots bars of colourless and coloured light and liquid dark. experiences include a darkening of the visual field that moves against the rubbing, a diffuse colored patch that also moves against the rubbing, a scintillating and ever-changing and deforming light grid with occasional dark spots (like a crumpling fly-spotted flyscreen) and a sparse field of intense blue points of light. one example of a pressure phosphene is demonstrated by gently pressing the side of one’s eye and observing a colored ring of light on the opposite side. it is less spectacular but another ocular illusion is the wear pink glasses for twenty minutes which when removed will turn the world green for twenty minutes and vice versa. phosphenes have also been reported by meditators, commonly nimitta, people who go for long periods without visual stimulation. hardcore leisure activity. extreme chrome spill clean up and takeover into symbology. descending. spiders. light-independent reactions or dark reactions of photosynthesis are chemical reactions that convert CO2 into glucose. these reactions occur in the stroma the fluid-filled area of a chloroplast. DNA rings. fill my great outdoor pool up with supercritical fluid and pick out the leaves with your hands. chrloroplast envelope. stormy thylakoids. carbon dioxide is a colourless gas. a trace gas. ozone. tracing and tracking by the bar. these reactions take the products of light-dependent reactions and perform further chemical processes on them. there are three phases to the light-independent reactions, collectively called the Calvin cycle: carbon fixation, reduction reactions, and ribulose bisphosphate regeneration. plants store malic acid in their vacuoles every night and release it by day to make this process work. they are also known as dark reactions. volcanic activity is an important source of trace gases also. it can lead to important climate feedback. trace gases can have long or short lives. the cuneiform cartilage of the epiglottis. anticyclone. realgar fades. night licked knowledge junkie. it can have a sharp acidic odor as well as being the softest you’ll ever feel. algae and cyanobacteria with oxygen as a waste product. CO2 is produced by all aerobic organisms when they metabolize carbohydrates and lipids to produce energy by respiration. carbon dioxide is produced during the processes of decay of organic materials and the fermentation of sugars in bread, beer and wine making. special private box night delivery. versatile industrial material used for pressurizing gas in air guns, supercritical fluid solvent, and added to your drinking water and carbonated beverage to make them delicious and effervescent. sliding down the large wide shining metal slide on NYE eve lying at the bottom high and moon bathing round red tip stalks. anthropogenic emissions. increased concentration. red black red eye shades, black rubber band pupils, held together in a cube. increased saturation. the crystal structure of dry ice. night visions within the thermal infrared range. the atmospheres of Mars and Titan also contain greenhouse gases. tracker bar. a discrete substance. he burned charcoal in a closed vessel. fixed air. he observed that the fixed air was denser than air and supported neither flame nor animal life. titled impregnating water with fixed air. five million tonnes of acrylic acid bearing down on my hook. oil of vitriol on chalk. by agitating a bowl of water. a snow of solid CO2. the coldest night on animal record. or simply the desire to use a portion of the chromatic scale. in music theory passus duriusculus is a Lartin term that refers to chromatic line, often a bassline, whether descending or ascending. another form of solid carbon dioxide observed at high pressure is an amorphous glass-like solid called carbonia produced by supercooling heated CO2 at extreme pressure (about 400,000 atmospheres) in a diamond anvil. at temperatures and pressures above the critical point, carbon dioxide behaves as a supercritical fluid. allowing many properties of a supercritical fluid to be fine tuned. power generation. organic solvents. supercooling. undercooling. primary nuts and seeds. a liquid crossing its standard freezing point will crystalize in the presence of a seen crystal around which an amorphous non crystalline solid will form. daily iron daily coke daily chrome. blast furnace. freezer section. amnesia synthesis. high acids pride liberate CO2 from most metal carbonates. chrome in the dark mirrored eyelids freaky. it provides sparkle. reduce from your oxides in a blast furnace. holding up the ripples of the membrane in a cone cell vision. palest mint green five rubber hands at once. Dido’s lament, listem. argues that chromaticism in operatic and sonta form narratives can often be understood as the other, racial, sexual, class or otherwise, to diatonicism's male self. for instance, CC calls the chromaticism in W the feminine stink. stink bomb of my night cap. weight loss. planetary ether sounds. modern harps extended the range and chromaticism in her hands. weightlessness. chromatic elements are considered elaborations of or substitutions for diatonic scale members of the jury F A C E. an interpollination deviation from this basic diatonic organization. chromatic note is one which does not belong to the scale of the key prevailing at the time of its making. linear chromaticism jazz. neopolitan sixth chord revolves to the V. the sharpened subdominant with diminished seventh chord. the tonicization of V. contact force, floating force. soft hasping symbolic. zero G of the mind’s eye and the bodies resistance. but from this sense of wrongness comes a montage of elements to possess a flavour of the beyond just add carbonated water a certain relationship to realism the top of AC’s head floats off as she closes her eyes. death is not my dream. “Whether this book is a magical object, an example of advanced technology, or the product of some kind of intoxicant is not clear”. concrete against salt water there is a different set of rules on this night mass there are a thousand rules that don’t exist. make it extreme for me yeah. swells like the throat resisting barf get socialized and get outside its great so great just don’t get too lost. don’t go don’t leave me here extreme contours. grotesquerie architecture in the villa of our mind. immunity at winning the competition. glistening montages sap and spit. floating on the wet dewy cornea. to undergo a process called: contracting multi-vit. as arguably things are growing slowly and this is a top iced layer of mass oddities is tbd. but it in an email. there is some sort of newer effect going on that we haven’t advanced radical tools for yet. throw down your weapons fifty books pop you’re useless head for the mountains and mould me in snow. makes it mobile of temporal pieces too vast to comprehend but at night we can see i believe the underside of. the natural diet of the pre-pork period. clairvoyant the power of seeing the invisible. pulsing beyond and achingly alluring that is the super natural i pump into my veins and use to feel very well. trance intox in a compulsive pattern of drips and notes chroma in extremis. in a temporary vibe that lasts for as long as those who are knot you are asleep. reflexive gaps come in the form of the weave or the knit. woollyed eyed. camoflagued eyes rubbing waterprof. stuffing thick oil paint under the skin lip of my eyes. associate and dissonate. the weird is typically moded in montage. ichor a fluid that serves in place of blood of gods and goddessess. beer and sports drinks. berrocca in my white wine. irn-bru, lucazade, iron brew. not economy of these objects but the supernatural forces of them. feigned and framing and driving me world. serious asthma and severly critical of Pancho Villa. highly unlikely that he joined villa. creeping up the villa cool wall in the dark. the swimming pool is calm. the cameras are dummies. is it actually dark or do i just have my sunglasses on pushing into the tufts of my dark eyebrows the sentences floating in my mind spiked stretched thickets of odes to my comraids. day is devoted to the sins of business. grotesquerie archvilla. grotesque quality street. take me to your villa so that i can finally relax in a dark room with all the lights off but i mean it. xanthoria elegans commonly known as sunburst lichen is a lichenized species of fungus in the genus recognized by its bright orange or red pigmentation this specifies grows on rocks. dark spots in the light. cliff face. alpine distribution in patterns that geometric cannot cover the word for and penny cress usually grows on burning slag heaps high above the water line. my desires are anthropogenic. alpine plants use both sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction. it was one of the first lichens to be used for the rock face dating method. some alpine plants also serve as medicinal plants. the mossy lava fields of iceland are my night time body and its persona. perenial grasses sedges forbes cushion plants mosses and lichens. night death in snow banks and bright headlights flashing like my dear. alpine plants must adapt to the harsh conditions of the alpine environment low temperatures dryness ultraviolet radiation and a short growing season. crying as i’m writing this so that my smoked salt tears can take me not to the sea but to your grave site there is so much and yet still here we are in mushroom mourning. the mycelium blanket ready to push through after rain and that’s beautiful but what else can i forage or look for what can help. because many chromium compounds are intensely colored. alpine plants often use clonal propagation such as a plant called Carex curvula which is estimated to have a clonal age of approximately 2000 years. all investigations into his fate has proven fruitless. his end remains shrouded in mystery. the paint is thick like moss or alpines, mat-forming. cant vernacular use in the criminal other world each used distinct vocabs that overlapped. a cant or cryotolect or secret language is the jargon or argot of a group often employed to exclude or mislead people outside the group. grow in dense green clumps or mats, often in damp or shady locations. but it comes just from you. the deaths of walkers eyes of the panther. unlike most alpines it prefers an acidic soil. unlike a universal indicator methyl orange does not have a full spectrum of colour change, but it has a sharp end point. modified (or screened) methyl orange, an indicator consisting of a solution of methyl orange and xylene cyanol changes from grey-violet to green as the solution becomes more basic. methyl orange has mutagenic properties. direct contact should be avoided. the heaviest of the stable halogens it exists as a lustrous, purple-black metallic solid that sublimes readily to form a violet gas. iodine relieving pain and soothing to the mind or feelings. as well as complications from war wounds both sons died one from suicide post-romance and one from alcoholism. the secret of the bottle. don’t eat the core, it is laced with arsenic. but to be hardcore is to run with the wind i mean it. novella. mouth shasta. potentially active and associated with devilry. extremophiles can be adapted to live in extreme cold, intense heat, harsh acidity, high saltiness, and a host of other conditions in which we humans have been surprised to detect life at all. psychrophiles, cryophiles are those plants and thingys that love the cold. the line on the earth when room temperature turns to visible breath. bacteria lichens eukaryotes snow algae and fungi and wingless midges are psychrophiles. circle, shady pink. bright blue unfurling ferns. blue flames are, the hottest remember. dark green moss. musical vine. thick rippling lunula. bright green pocks and swirls under. the rhythm tree shows how the notes are related to one another. densely packed equal surface under my cloak and on breastplate. infinity an hour glass. blue jagged spiral like an ear, with flags that look like notes. a bar of notes. the flag tail. note has 3 flags and may also be beamed together in the same way. telepathic energy beads in rogue. blue through under red. green semi circle cups that fit. scorpion tale blue pinna folds. hidden in the whorls of the fingertips. it energises me. fateful forces of things i know. chrome is a transitional metal with an extreme melting point. by roasting and leaching processes. steel grey lustrous hard which takes a high polish of life resists tarnishing for a cost. remarkable magnetic properties an essential nutrient in humans for insulin sugar and lipid metabolism. sticking to the walls of the villa. it is the only elemental solid that affects antiferromagnetic ordering at room temperature (and below). it is mined in a kimberlite pipe rich in diamonds and the reducing environment helped produce both elemental chromium and diamond. in most cases it is the dominating species. the change in equilibrium to be non-hierarchical is visible by a change from yellow (chromate) to orange. weapons found in burial pits from the 3rd century B.C. show crossbow bolts and swords to have little corrosion due to a coating of chromium oxide. metallurgy throat. superalloys used in lieu of common structural materials. its high melting point and heat resistance makes chrome the perfect material for refractory applications like blast furnaces and cement kilns and for the casting of metals. chromium was tentatively identified as an essential nutrient in the late 1950s and later accepted as a trace element for its roles in the action of insulin, a hormone critical to the metabolism and storage of carbohydrate, fat and protein. chromium occurs in trace amounts in foods, wine and water. chromium was promoted as a sports performance dietary supplement, based on the theory that it potentiated insulin activity, with anticipated results of increased muscle mass, and faster recovery of glycogen storage during post-exercise recovery. the International Olympic Committee reviewed dietary supplements for high-performance athletes in 2018 and concluded severe duty for the harshest environments. ultra duty is the next footstep. not desirable or when extreme wear has been a problem. a curb on the base. some of it has already appeared as an article in Lucifer (now the Theosophical Review), but the greater part of it is new. being able to see well at night is important for both your convenience and your safety. to help preserve your night vision, be sure to get enough vit-A avoid smoke and wear sunglasses when outside. phosphenes are the moving visual sensations we see when we close our eyes. they are thought to be caused by the inherent electrical charges the retina produces even when it is in its “resting state”. it is the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye. thoughts form as silvery ectoplasm in the nightbox.

a kernel novella
written to accompany CHROME VILLA by Francesca Blomfield and Col Self,
traversing grief, gorpcore, night-music, forked tongues and sub-religions