'Frot the World'
Short fiction collection
[Canal, 2022]
god's gloryhole [2022]
A play that follows a typical sundowners sesh of two wannabe prophets as they kill time at god’s gloryhole while awaiting fresh information.

The prophecies might come, but often arrive stained or waterlogged, half-chewed by the dog at the door, or are subsequently cut short by combustion, edging a ravenous audience to the limit of wanting. In this two-person play, ideas relating to persuasion and masochism, cause and effect, denial and prediction, edging and explosion, are smashed, scrawled on skin, and begged for.

Performed with Madeleine Stack at Slug, Leipzig in August 2022.
Written by Fer Boyd, featuring poems by Madeleine Stack.
Costumes, props and music by Fer Boyd.