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< Winner of The Space Crone Prize for speculative and science short fiction awarded by Silver Press and The Ursula K Le Guin Literary Trust [2023]
< Winner of the 2018 Prix International for Creative Critical Thinking for 'Skinned' and 'Detouched' awarded by the Foundation Prince Pierre de Monaco, nominated by Fatoş Üstek

< 'TRÍO' [Canal, 2023]
< 'Frot the World' [Canal, 2022]
< 'Skinned' and 'Detouched', by Alice Channer with text by Fer Boyd [Motto Books & Eastside Projects, 2018]
< 'A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text' [COUNTRY MUSIC, 2017]

< 'Sever Babylon', Granta [2023]
< 'A Secret? How Old-Fashioned!', Sticky Fingers’ FDBNHLLLTTFPARODY edited by Evelyn Wh-ell [2022]
< 'Organs in Amber', Stages [2021]
< 'A Slingshot and an Eye', Samara Editions [2021]
< 'extract the mineral like an organ, transplant it' in collaboration with Paula Turmina for 'displaced land' [2021]
< 'Aggregation' in collaboration with Rachel Pimm, published by Whitechapel Gallery, London [2020]
< 'X', Lay It On Thick (LIOT) edited by Natascha Nanji and Palin Ansusinha [2020]
< 'HELLBOX', Canal magazine issue 2 [2019]
< 'Ocular Offal, Chromatic Cannibals', Extra Extra [2019]
< 'The Original Recycler' published by Tornabuoni Art, London as part of 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' curated by Fatoş Üstek [2019]
< 'NIGHTBOX' published as part of 'Chrome Villa' by Francesca Blomfield and Col Self, ANDOR, London [2018]
< 'Chewing on Potential in Heat and Shade' with Amy Lay-Pettifer, Orlando [2018]
< 'LIVE! But Dirtier' with Katharina Joy Book and Palin Ansusinha, Critical Interruptions [2018]
< 'A Tactile Dialect of Strong and Soft and Spiked', Afterall [2017]
< 'Primary Pleasures', SALT [2016]; republished on Opening Times: Digital Art Commissions [2017]
< 'A Taxonomy of Explosions: Preliminary Shrapnel', After Us [2016]
< 'I Feel Queezy: Feelings, Guts, Revolutions', published by Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art as part of 'Feeling Queezy?!' curated by Rebeka Põldsam [2014]

< 'guarda el deleite' for CLUBS Art a la pista, Barcelona [2023]
< 'guard the delight' as part of 'Chaos Rehearsals', SLUG, Leipzig [19 August - 10 September 2022]
< 'FIRST BIRTH', Liverpool Biennial 2021: The Stomach and the Port [19 March - 30 September 2021], Lewis’s Building & online
< 'DEATH DRIVE', Outer Space, Australia [24 January - 9 February 2020]. Exhibition and events programme created in collaboration with Madeleine Stack,
Rebekah Kosonen Bide and Mariana Portela Echeverri. Supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Queensland, and Outer Space.
< 'DETOUCH', as part of 'Man-made' [18 January - 9 March 2019], Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany
< 'But With What Protein?', [1 - 30 June 2018]
< 'ULTIMATE FANTASIES', Guest Projects, London [1 - 29 June 2018]. Exhibition and events programme created with Ruta Dumciute, and collaborators
Leyla Pillai, Madeleine Stack, Eunjung Kim, PO$$€ dance and reading. Awarded a Guest Projects residency and supported by Lithuanian Council of Culture.

< 'guarda el deleite' for CLUBS Art a la pista, Barcelona [2023]
< 'gilding the rim' a performance with Madeleine Stack, Forma, London [17 June 2023]
< Canal Book Tour: The Horse Hospital, London, Blunt Knife Co., Edinburgh, and Good Press, Glasgow [2022]
< 'god’s gloryhole' a performance with Madeleine Stack, SLUG, Leipzig [27 August 2022]
< Canal, Me Siento Extraña, Candy, Barcelona [4 July 2021]
< 'The Original Recycler', Tornabuoni Art, London [27 June 2019]
< 'Skinned' on skates with Alice Channer, 'This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things', Eastside Projects, Birmingham [2 November 2018]
< 'Analbox', Baroque Vegetation, London [5 October 2018]
< 'Detouched' with Alice Channer, ‘The Shape Left By The Body’, The Sunday Painter, London [7 July 2018]
< 'Ultimate Essay' with Leyla Pillai and Ruta Dumciute, Guest Projects. Part of 'ULTIMATE FANTASIES' [24 June 2018]
< Bait Room with Ruta Dumciute, in collusion with a performance by Eunjung Kim, Guest Projects. Part of 'ULTIMATE FANTASIES' [17 June 2018]
< 'A Shipping Forecast By Heart', Live Art Development Agency, London [9 May 2018]
< H o r i z o n t a l PPE-clad readings with Alice Channer, 'Skinned' and 'Detouched' launch, Large Glass, London [26 April 2018]
< Waterproof edition 'A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text - Manuscript for Swimmers' [2018] designed by Anna Sagström for a performance of the text
by P0$$€ dance and reading group, Vårberg public pool, Stockholm, Sweden. Organised by Tamara Alegre, part of ENDFEST: €L€M€NT$ [17 February 2018]
< 'Selectionbox' reading at the launch of 'When I Was Alive' by Hannah Regel, South London Gallery, London [13 December 2017]
< 'A Body is a Double-Edged Sword' performance at Even Salon: Either/Or, Apiary Studios, London [20 April 2016]

< 'Blueflame Backwater', No Bounds Radio [December 2022]
< 'WORMS ON THE BEACH', Montez Press Radio, London & New York [26 May 2020]
< 'DETOUCH' in 'Our Fuming Lips Make A New Mirage', SHELL LIKE remote communal listening event [17 & 18 April 2020]
< 'RAW RED REDUX' audio interpretation of 'A Theory of the Strange-Girl' by Yantan Ministry with voice by Fer Boyd [COUNTRY MUSIC, released 4 October 2019]
< 'HELLBOX', C_anal issue 2 launch party, Baroque Vegetation, London [3 December 2019]
< 'HELLBOX', Montez Press Radio and Cell Project Space, London. Hosted by SALT. magazine [25 August 2019]
< 'DETOUCH' in 'Her Voice' curated by Eleni Ikoniadou, ICA, London [11 April 2019]
< 'DETOUCH' in 'Our Fuming Lips Make A New Mirage', SHELL LIKE listening event at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, England [22 November 2018]
< 'But With What Protein?', Orlando 03: Beyond the Body launch, The Horse Hospital, London [14 November 2018]
< 'But With What Protein?' in 'High On Time The Voice Box Heaved', SHELL LIKE listening event at Artsadmin, London [6 March 2018]
< 'A Theory for the Strange-Girl' distributed and spat out as high-tempo video at COUNTRY MUSIC: Blood-Filled Spit on an Ore-Rich Ground, Monarch, Berlin [17 August 2017]
< 'Viral Content' in 'Dark Matter Gushes From the Mouth Into The Open Air', SHELL LIKE listening event at Guest Projects, London [19 April 2017]
< 'Viral Content' created for and aired at Mark Fisher’s listening event on the eerie, Goldmsiths College, London [10 December 2013]

< 'Canal Presents... Chaos Rehearsals, Réplica & Frot the World', Montez Press Radio [24 November 2022]
< Liverpool Biennial x a-n Artist Talk with Alice Channer & SHELL LIKE [27 April 2021]
< 'Siesta Sound Session: Strange Nature' artist talk with Madeleine Stack, Royal Collage of Art, London [5 December 2019]
< Panel discussion on the philosophical, political and aesthetic challenges of female-sounding voices as part of 'Her Voice', ICA, London [11 April 2019]
< In conversation with Francesca Blomfield, Jerwood Space, London [13 June 2016]
< 'I Feel Queezy: Fer Boyd on Queeziness and Art Writing' at EKKM Theory Club, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn [3 September 2014]
< In conversation with Gazelle Twin and Mark Fisher, Goldsmiths College, London [10 December 2013]

< Queer Tongues writing workshop, Wayword Festival, University of Aberdeen [21 September 2023]
< 'Time, Temporality and Timing: reproduction and poetry through the lens of Sappho (1974-1981)', Women’s Art Library, Glasgow [13 December 2022]
< 'Tongues! A Riot! A Mayhem! A Rampage! An Ecstasy!', Eastside Projects, Birmingham [30 November 2022]
< Doctoral Experimental Writing Intensive Course, Department of Art, Aalto University [2 - 6 February 2021]
< Doctoral Creative Writing Workshop, Department of Art, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland [31 August - 5 September 2020]
< Workshop on writing and sculpture in collaboration with Rachel Pimm, for YSI Sculpture Network 2020 [12 August 2020]
< Experimental writing workshop at Open Doors LGBTIQAP+ Sistergirl & Brotherboy Youth Service, Brisbane, Australia. Part of 'DEATH DRIVE' [14 February 2020]
< Workshop on writing in times of crisis, Outer Space, Brisbane, Australia. Part of 'DEATH DRIVE' [2 February 2020]
< 'Open the Source' experimental writing workbook published online by Yorkshire Sculpture International and Corridor8 [2019]
< Mentor for Corridor8 writing residency [May - July 2019]
< Workshop on writing as a form of sculpture, The University of Leeds. Part of Yorkshire Sculpture International [6 March 2019]
< Write Club workshop on 'streaming' and 'channelling' as body methods for writing combining technological and mystical approaches, Eastside Projects, Birmingham [22 November 2018]

< Translator for the Spanish version of 'SUICIDE NOTES' by Penny Goring, for Canal issue 3 [2022]
< Co-editor of Canal magazine issue 3 with Madeleine Stack [2022]
< Producer for 'Portable Monument' [2019] by Madeleine Stack ft. Mikatsiu, commissioned by the BBC and ICA, London. Released on BBC Sounds [2020]
< SHELL LIKE with Amy Lay-Pettifer, encompassing deep listening events, new commissions in sound, exhibitions, collaborative writing & sound works [2017-present]


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