Fer Boyd is a writer and artist from the North East of England, whose bodily theories and ecstatic narratives manifest in fiction, theory, sound and performance. Recent concepts include re-weaponising inevitability away from malign forces, queer regurgitation, consuming the beloved, near-death psychedelia, and the ouroboros of denial and prediction faced by humans.

They are the author of the short fiction collection 'Frot the World' [Canal, 2022], and the winner of The Space Crone Prize for speculative and science short fiction awarded by Silver Press and The Ursula K. Le Guin Literary Trust [2023].
Their winning story 'Sever Babylon' was published by Granta.

Their sound works have been exhibited and screened widely including at
Liverpool Biennial, ICA and The Horse Hospital, and they were artist-curator
for the exhibitions 'Ultimate Fantasies' [Guest Projects, London, 2018] and
'Death Drive' [Outer Space, Australia, 2020]. Recent performances with Madeleine Stack include 'guarda el deleite' [CLUBS Art a la pista, Barcelona, 2023];
'gilding the rim' [Forma, London, 2023] & 'god’s gloryhole' [SLUG, Leipzig, 2022].

In 2018 they won the Prix International for Creative Critical Thinking for their writing in 'Skinned' and 'Detouched' [Motto Books & Eastside Projects]. Their corporeal manifesto 'A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text' was released by COUNTRY MUSIC in 2017, and has been read worldwide at club nights, festivals, on syllabuses and in reading groups, as well as metamorphosed into music and performed underwater.