A Theory for the Strange-Girl [2013/2017]
'A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text' is a corporeal manifesto created in response to 'A Theory for the Young-Girl' [1999] by Tiqqun. Written in 2013 as a thesis supported by Mark Fisher, it was subsequently re-visioned in 2017 and released by music label, COUNTRY MUSIC.

Through a series of biting points it twists the body of the Young-Girl to that of the Strange-Girl, offering anyone a tool kit for resistance from the externalising demands of consumer capitalism, from within their own body.

It has been distributed at club nights and read in reading groups, on syllabuses and at festivals worldwide. In 2018 a waterproof edition was designed by Anna Sagström for an event focused on the text by P0$$€ dance and reading group at Vårberg public pool, Stockholm, Sweden, organised by Tamara Alegre as part of ENDFEST: €L€M€NT$. It was interpreted sonically by Yantan Ministry, with voice by Fer Boyd, in 'Raw Red Redux' [4 October 2019], released on COUNTRY MUSIC.
In the face of increasingly hyperbolic forces there is a need for extreme forms of presence. The Strange-Girl is akin to potent objects, turbulent chemicals, and natural disasters: things which themselves are propelled by force. They cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be stopped. The Strange-Girl does not have a body, she is only known by the sensations of molecules, by the vibration of their potential. She is an invisible force that rattles the body – she is raw energy. The vital mode of the Strange-Girl is a force for action, which may now take form within your body.
'COUNTRY MUSIC: Blood-Filled Spit on an Ore-Rich Ground', Monarch, Berlin [17 August 2017]
'RAW RED REDUX' audio interpretation of 'A Theory of the Strange-Girl' by Yantan Ministry with voice by Fer Boyd [COUNTRY MUSIC, released 4 October 2019]
P0$$€ dance and reading group 'A Theory for the Strange-Girl' at Vårberg public pool, Stockholm, Sweden. Organised by Tamara Alegre, part of ENDFEST: €L€M€NT$ [17 February 2018]
Waterproof edition designed by Anna Sagström
'A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text - Manuscript for Swimmers' [2018]